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Vintage Brass Etched Vase

Vintage Brass Etched Vase

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This stunning vintage etched brass vase is a true masterpiece of craftsmanship and elegance. With its intricate etched designs, this vase showcases the traditional artistry that made brasswork so popular during the Victorian era.

The surface of the vase is adorned with a delightful combination of floral and filigree motifs, which have been meticulously hand-engraved into the brass. Each design is expertly rendered, exuding a sense of timeless beauty and sophistication. The warm, golden hue of the brass further enhances the vase's vintage appeal, adding a sense of richness and opulence to any space. The aged patina on its surface hints at its long history, making it an intriguing conversation piece for collectors and enthusiasts alike.

Whether displayed as a standalone piece or used to showcase an assortment of flowers, this vintage etched brass vase is sure to captivate everyone's attention with its timeless charm and exquisite details. A stunning example of vintage craftsmanship, this vase is a testament to the enduring beauty of elegant design.

Size: approx. 9.5"H 4 1/4"W (top) 3.5"W (base)
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